Playing this game has many advantages.  It has the power and quality of delighting & attracting others.  Features that delight the 1-6 players who are all in with a sporting chance of success.  Every turn is a possible winner as you can start a MEGA -MOVE from anywhere on the board & at anytime during the race!

These unique rules & features are charming.

Our unique rules & features are delightful to the eye, giving each individual player a sporting chance of success.  Every turn has the possibility of performing a race winning MEGA-MOVE from any position on the track.

The GB F77 & Red Senna spaces are specifically positioned to give every car a sporting chance.  There is a GB space on four of the five corners with an F77 space on the other one.

There is another way players can win the race quickly and that is by performing a GB+5 move.  This is where a car lands on the first GB space and then manages to throw the exact GB dice number that propel them onto each of the next four GB spaces or order & then ending back on the original GB space where you started from.

(This particular move has never been accomplished up & until 10/02/22. See rules of the game)

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About GB Racers

GB Racers from Appleton Games, is a new exciting board game infusing the ‘Appleton Way’  A sporting chance of success for everyone, every time.

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