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GB Racers

GB Racers an exciting new board game for kids infusing the 'Appleton Way'  A sporting chance of success for everyone, every time


The ultimate car racing board game
GBRacers is an exciting new board games for kids, giving a sporting chance of success for everyone every time.
A fast racing car game for 1 – 6 players, where you have 2 racing cars each and must reach 77 points or more to win the prestigious GBRacers Championship. This you do by picking up points for both cars during several GBRacers Grand Prix races. Each race takes 12 – 20 minutes to complete & there is an average of 4 – 5 races per Championship & a maximum of 6 races. If you have any questions check out our FAQs.  Enjoy this amazing classic board game Buy now online.
BoardGameGeek gives the classic board game GBRacers a 8/10 Rating
Rating: 8/10

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giving a sporting chance of success for everyone every time.

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Team Red makes a magnificent start.   Magnificent start by team Reds lead car! A rare delight to see such a great start on turn

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Free Delivery on Orders Over £10 - Use CODE: FREEDEL10

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Nick Banduch
Nick Banduch
Trowbridge, Wiltshire
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Best car racing game I've played. The F1 racing board game is simple enough for a child to understand, with enough depth for proper gamers to enjoy. Great family fun, like it, says on the box it's 'The ultimate car racing game'.

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