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42 space track/circuit consists of several unique rules & regulations plus features that interact throughout the game giving everyone a sporting chance of success at all times despite what position they find themselves in.
Depending on how many races (max 6 races min 1) the game time is 10 – 60 minutes. Each race is approximately 10 minutes in duration and there is a minimum of 1 and the maximum of 6 races per championship. It is not possible to play more than 6 races.
The game is designed for 1-6 players but all 12 cars MUST start every race no matter how many players compete. When there’s more than 1 player YOU must share the teams out by dividing them between the number of players and each player then plays for the colour team/teams – e.g. 3 players will have 2 teams each.
Unlike many other board games GB Racers can be played by a single player. Still using all 12 cars they must first choose a colour and play against themselves trying still to break the many records and perform the several challenges along the way. They MUST play for all 6 teams and try to break the many records whilst still competing for their chosen colour.
It is appropriate for ages 7 plus.
GB stands for the 20 sided rich reward ‘GOLDEN BALL’ dice.
A 42 space racing board, a pack of 12 F1 style racing cars, 3 dice, 7 small marker cars, 21 cards, a rule sheet and 5 double sided score sheets.
Both START & FINISH have the magnificent F77 reward space that is alive at all times, so cars can start a Mega Move scenario that can win them either the race or even the championship in 1 move! Unique because this is a specific design that gives every player an assured hope of either catching up or a try at winning the race or championship in 1 move. There is also the GB 5 + move that can begin at the start of the race which can also enhance the possibility of winning.
The winner is the first player to score 77 or more points with the same colour team adding their 2 cars scores together after every player has had the same amount of turns once the 3 car freeze has been accomplished.
The race cannot end until at least 3 cars have crossed the finishing line and the last car on the grid has completed their turn, as indicated by the marker cars. This unique ruling is called THE 3 CAR FREEZE and means that a car who wins the race can be outpointed by other cars in the race because they may gain bonus points that the winner failed to achieve. (see rules of the game – the 3 car freeze)
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