Each game can be played by 1 – 6 players and all of the six teams of 12 cars MUST start the race.

When 2 players = Player one has TEAMS RED, BLUE, SILVER. Player two has TEAMS YELLOW, ORANGE, BLACK

When 3 players = Player one has TEAM RED & BLACK.  Player two has TEAMS YELLOW & ORANGE. Player three has TEAMS BLUE & SILVER

When 4 players = You have one team each and then throw the dice to find which two players get the extra team.

When 5 players = You have one team each and the throw the dice to find which player gets the extra team.

When playing as a SOLO player = You choose a TEAM but then play for ALL six teams with the goal of attempting ALL the GBR challenges.

When playing with 6 players = you have one TEAM each.

(players can put the 6 small marker cars in a bag to draw out which colour teams they start with)

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GB Racers from Appleton Games, is a new exciting board game infusing the ‘Appleton Way’  A sporting chance of success for everyone, every time.

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