Board Games For 2023: GB Racers

Board Games For 2023: How to keep the family entertained with GB Racers.

Keeping the family entertained is always tricky.  And with the great British weather, we can expect those rainy days.  Board games are a great way to keep the family entertained.

So, what makes for a brilliant family board game? Well, the fun has to be right up there. It also has to be something that is easy to grasp – too many rules and caveats tend to cause issues and ultimately a loss of concentration among younger players.

Well, don’t worry, the best indoor games for young kids will keep them busy while encouraging communication, bonding and team skills simultaneously.

We are proud to introduce GBRacers (Golden Ball Racers).  The 21st Century’s fastest board game for all the family to share, with over 50 + special features and quirky twists and turns!

It’s probably one of the best family board games you can play!

A fast racing car game for the whole family

Fun Family Games At Home1 – 6 players, where you have 2 racing cars each & must get 77 points or more to win the GB Championship. This you do by picking up points for both cars during several GBR Grand Prix races. Each race takes 12 – 20 minutes to complete & there is an average of 4 – 5 races per championship.  The overall time averages just over 1 hour.

Yes, this car racing game can be played solo with all 12 cars still on the track. That’s really great for practice or when no one else is around to play.

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Look out for future games

We have lots of other games to follow including, football, cricket, baseball, golf & several family fun board games.

Our unique score dice, cards & board gameplay rules guarantee that you are always in with a sporting chance of success.

Our aim is for everyone to enjoy our games and always be prepared for a surprise or two, ie the underdog making a comeback and the leader being piped at the post!

We can assure you that this will and does happen on a regular basis. You will never know you are beaten until the chequered flag finally falls!

Success is never guaranteed, but fun and laughter certainly are with the Appleton Way of playing.

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Nick Banduch

Nick Banduch

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About GB Racers

GB Racers from Appleton Games, is a new exciting board game infusing the ‘Appleton Way’  A sporting chance of success for everyone, every time.

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